Three Reasons Why You Should Use Condoms

Three Reasons Why You Should Use CondomsSex is an important part of human life because it holds the key to sustaining human life on the planet. It is also an important part of human society because it creates a pleasurable bond between two people, which is a testament to the affection that two people can share for each other. A condom allows these two people to engage in this pleasurable activity safely. Condoms have been in use for over four hundred years but their availability to ordinary people has increased dramatically in recent times. It is important for you to note that the type of condom used centuries ago was rudimentary and largely ineffective. Nowadays, using a condom during sexual intercourse offers you many benefits. Here are three reasons why you should use condoms.

– Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Many sexually transmitted diseases exist including genital herpes, genital warts, cervical cancer, syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia but the most devastating STD is AIDS, which has caused more than 36 million deaths since its discovery in 1981. Currently, the number of people living with AIDS stands at over 35 million people worldwide. Using a condom lowers your chances of contracting these STDs because condoms prevent the exchange of fluids between you and your partner during sexual intercourse. These fluids include blood, vaginal secretions and semen. Studies show that the consistent use of condoms reduces the transmission rate of HIV/AIDS from one sexual partner to another by as much as 85%. However, it is important for you to note that transmission of sexually transmitted diseases can still occur if the genital areas suffer from serious infections or wounds.

– Prevention of Unintended Pregnancy

Unintended pregnancies are a sad reality in our world especially when they account for four out of every ten pregnancies. In 1999, thirty-eight percent of all the pregnancies were unintended leading to over 42 million induced abortions. Sadly, the use of a condom could have prevented these unintended pregnancies and by extension, it could have prevented the induced abortions that followed thereafter. Condom use leads to a pregnancy rate of 2% each year with careful use while the typical use of a condom leads to a pregnancy rate of 18% each year. As you can now see, using a condom can reduce unintended pregnancies by as much as 82 – 98%. Fortunately, condoms are cheap and easily accessible. You can buy them at any location for a relatively low price as compared to other contraceptive devices.

– Enhanced Pleasure

As mentioned earlier, condoms in contemporary society are much better than those used centuries ago are because they come in different flavors, textures and sizes. You can now choose condoms that tickle your fancy and interest your partner. For example, ribbed and studded condoms have altered textures that lead to additional sensation for both partners during sexual intercourse. Some condoms even have numbing agents to help men with erectile dysfunction last for a longer period than they usually do.

Now you know why you should use a condom i.e. to prevent the transmission of STDs, to prevent unintended pregnancies and to enhance your sexual pleasure. Just buy condom and store it properly within your home. You should also carry one around as a precautionary measure. Nowadays, absolute discretion is also possible because you can order condoms online.

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