Keeping up with the Latest News on e-Cigs

As so many of us have seen in the past, the world of health sciences is continually changing their views on what is good or bad for you. Take for example caffeine. There was a time only a couple decades ago that it was thought to promote breast cancer in women. Now they are finding that caffeine has components which may actually hold breast cancer at bay. Nicotine has undergone the same radical changes in the way it is viewed in the medical community.

If you are a smoker, you are well aware of the dangers inherent in smoking. However, many leading medical scientists are now contending that nicotine isn’t the demon in a cigarette. It is the effects from breathing in the smoke that is the real culprit. Just as we are advised that eating meat which has been charbroiled can lead to certain forms of cancer, the smoke entering your lungs from a cigarette can lead to lung or throat cancer. In fact, smoking can also lead to many other forms of cancer and it just is not good for you!

The best thing you can do for yourself is to keep up with news from the industry. It has been substantiated that smoking e-cigs is much less harmful than smoking tobacco cigarettes and there are continual changes in the way they are

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being manufactured. If you are concerned about ‘jumping from the frying pan into the fire,’ take heart in the fact that nicotine is not really as harmful as some would have you believe.

The one thing to be aware of is that nicotine can hinder blood flow, so even with e-cigs it is good to keep the nicotine content as low as you possibly can while still

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being satisfied. E-cigs do not give off harmful second hand smoke so they are safe in cars and public places. Even so, by keeping up with new developments you will always know what the best product for you will be in terms of cost and health.

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