Cancer Natural Foods

I love my new job and the folks I work with and the place the place has taken/will take me and that I stroll into the building more assured every day.

You can cook with it and add fresh coconut milk to your coffee as a substitute of utilizing half and half. Coconut flour and grated coconut flakes make an excellent batter for healthy sweets like coconut macaroons. Coconut water is a improbable electrolyte that helps to replenish misplaced minerals and is really alkalizing. It’s an ideal drink after exercising.

The nurse was Rene Caisse. She stored notes of the herbs that the Englishwoman informed her were used within the brew. Her notes had been put away and forgotten till Rene Caisse’s aunt developed cancer of the stomach and liver. The aunt’ s condition was terminal. Nurse Caisse consulted the attending doctor, who mentioned that attempting the herbs might do no hurt because the aunt was condemned to die from the cancer.

Her aunt recovered after two months of therapy with the natural remedy and lived 20 extra years. This began rural nurse Rene Caisse’s lifelong devotion to treating and curing patients with terminal cancer at no charge—only the satisfaction of bringing condemned cancer victims back to life. The Ojibwa drugs man’s treatment was by no means accepted by the medical institution. Nurse Rene Caisse began what grew to become a 60-year battle to have the natural combination clinically tested and administered as a treatment for cancer.

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