By Christopher Charles

If your cat has a swollen stomach, also known as Ascitis, it is important to get them to a vet as quickly as doable for an examination and a diagnosis.

There are many ailments that depart their sufferers bedridden and with out their supportive caregivers they would be left to fend for themselves. There are many relations who’re devoted caregivers and they are to be commended. Their relentless dedication that they proceed to do every day or have carried out day by day is incomes them their heavenly wings.

As much as I’m attempting to placed on a cheerful face about this entire lymphedema factor, I’m still wallowing in my own Spanx-coated poopy pants. I’ve spent the previous few months altering my wardrobe, and dreaming of winter, the place I can utterly conceal all indicators of a compression garment below massive coats and knee excessive boots. I’m additionally looking forward to the colder weather, as nothing makes the uncompressed parts of my left foot swell like a nice, scorching day.

Selenium together with vitamin C and E make chemotherapy safer and simpler, because it is a great antioxidant, preventing the free radicals that happen on account of the chemotherapy. By taking selenium, patients who’re on chemotherapy have proven to have less uncomfortable side effects than those who do not take the complement. Part of this is because chemotherapy actually reduces the amount of selenium in a person’s body. Therefore, by taking the supplement, you might be changing what the chemotherapy has removed out of your body. Another nice benefit is as a result of selenium binds with platinum and other heavy metals, which causes chemotherapy to be much less toxic.

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