Breast Augmentation at a Glance

6 Reasons to undergo a breast augmentation surgeryMany women, post delivery once having a sagged breast go for breast augmentation to regain their shape.  Breast augmentation surgery is a boon for ladies who have undergone breast removal for cancer surgery.


Breast augmentation is a procedure by which the shape of the breast is increased. This procedure was started as a part for Houston plastic surgery during 1960s. However post that there have been a vast medical advancement and it has taken a complete change. Earlier it used to a costliest surgery, which has now become something that a normal woman can also afford to.


Breast augmentation proves to be the best way to improve the breast, which does not require a long time to take unlike an exercise or massage. The results are seen obviously.  The recovery time for this is less than two weeks time. These seem to some reasons why today’s woman raves about breast augmentation to other traditional methods.


While considering having an implant done, one question that bothers them much is what is the size of the implant should be. There have been ages when men preferred for a little plump look woman. But the current generation ladies want to have a slim look.


But the thumb rule to have a graceful look would be not to choose for two cup size higher than their original size. Not only does it give a gawky look since it will be out of shape of their body, it gives medical discomforts like hormonal imbalance, pain in shoulder and neck. Unless the woman is in a glamour field, it is not advisable to opt for one or two cup size higher.


Augmentation gives a better tone and look to the breast, which by itself makes it sexier. The governing rule is that the woman should feel comfortable post an augmentation.


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