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Protein Supplements and Performance Enhancers: Do They Really Help?

If you are a fitness buff or a competitive athlete, augmenting your muscles and performance will always be in your mind. There are many bodybuilders and sports persons who wonder if taking protein powder or pre-workout supplements can really provide fast and effective results without working too hard. Do these supplements really work and how safe are they?

Pre- workout and Protein powder supplementsare a multimillion dollar industry and some of them have shown to give very good results. They are worth your money, if chosen correctly as a few may not live up to the claims they make.

When we talk about protein sources, whey protein comes on the top. It is derived from cow’s milk and is available in stores in the form of protein powder supplements like Gold Standard Whey.

You are right… protein can be consumed from a variety of food like meat and chicken. Eggs, soy, cottage cheese, some vegetables and dairy products also contain high amounts of protein, but none of them compare to the quality of whey protein. Whey protein in supplements offers the highest grade by including amino acids that help in rebuilding and developing muscle tissue.

Protein powder supplements including Gold Standard Whey (click here to find out more) have become a large part of the growing supplement industry and new products can be seen on the shelves all the time. You may find some that have just one ingredient, but most of them are a blend of several ingredients that are combined to work in unison and generate even better results.

Pre workout supplements or performance enhancers are an interesting grouping of supplements with several ingredients that help individuals in situations that require energy explosion. The best pre- workout supplements can give you a nice burst of energy. Be in the lookout in the market for the new Jack3D Micro from USP Labs (find out more here).

My take is that protein powder supplements and performance enhancers can be very helpful for those who are into building muscles or athletics!

Protein Supplements and Performance Enhancers: Do They Really Help?